We perform geophysical measurements in boreholes

We are a dynamic service company for European oil companies and underground gas storage facilities. We provide well and probe equipping.
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Karotáž a cementace is a dynamic service company, providing service work according to the requirements of customers operating in the oil, gas and hydrothermal industries.

Specifically, service work for European companies engaged in drilling exploration for oil, natural gas, mineral and thermal waters (carottage, cementing, perforation work, sand filter flooding, intensification work). We also provide service work for the operation of underground natural gas reservoirs at home and abroad (pressure carotation, sand filter flooding, perforation, acidizing and other intensification work necessary for the smooth operation of reservoirs).

We provide equipping of wells and probes with products of the American company Baker Hughes and, last but not least, repair of used components of this company, which are special sealing elements - packers.

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Other services

In connection with our core activities, we also provide follow-up services of a specialized nature.

Over 70 years in the mining industry

The activities of Karotage and Cement have been inextricably linked to the development of the oil business since its inception.
  • 1

    Establishment of the company and gradual expansion of the service work provided

  • 2

    Establishment of the base in Michalovce due to the scope of work in the east of Slovakia

  • 3

    After the delimitation of the MND, s.p. plant, an independent company Karotáž a cementace, s.p. was established.

  • 4

    After privatisation, the company Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o. was established.

  • 4

    The company is undergoing extensive technical modernisation and restructuring

Working in a strong company with a tradition? We're hiring here and there.

We write about carottage

Our work is both a passion and a mission. That's why we love to write about geophysical measurements.

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