KaC activity has been inseparably joined with the oil enterprise development since the company was established.

The individual services came to existence gradually according to the needs of the exploration and mining development.

The early services were provided by foreign firms. Later it was decided to establish our own service company on the basis of increasing oil enterprise.

Since the logging firm was established in 1947, the service activities were extended to perforating, cementing and further in 1960 to drill stem testing. This provided an opportunity to open a new plant that supplied complex services around the whole Czechoslovak area.

After 1970 a new branch in Michalovce was opened to deal with the increasing work load in the East region of the Slovak area.

The establishment, that has always been a part of oil companies, went through various changes.

In 1990 KaC - an independent state firm was founded after the delimitation of the MND company. In 1994 after privatization the KaC company Ltd. came into existence. After the separation of Czechoslovakia the plant in Michalovce was transformed in to a branch and so the continuity of services was kept.

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