Company profile

The company Karotáž a Cementace Ltd. was registered in the Trade Register by the County Court in Brno under file section C, rider 13915 on 11.2.1994.

Address: Hodonín, Velkomoravská 2606/83
Registration number: 49974475
Basic capital: 36.7 mil. CZK

Object clauses

  • performing activities authorized by the licence for mining and other activities performed by mining methods in the range of § 2, letter a), b), c), f) and § 3 letter f) by operation of Law ČNR No 61/1988 Dig.
  • geological work
  • road transport – internal freight road transport licensed to 3,5 ton incl., internal freight road transport licensed to over 3,5 ton , international freight road transport licensed to 3,5 ton incl., international freight road transport licensed to over 3,5 ton
  • vehicle reparation
  • production, trade and services not mentioned in the Trade Law attachment 1 to 3
  • detonation work

Our company is the only company in the whole of the Czech Republic that offers a complete range of services, such as: logging, perforating, cementing, drill stem testing, intensification and other specialised operations in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Our company has gained an excellent reputation among our clients and has built a stable position on the Czech market. We also ensure services in the Slovak Republic through our affiliated plant in Michalovce.

The company holds a certificate ISO 9001 : 2009 (see certificate).

Our advantages are:

  • complex services
  • long lasting tradition - since 1947
  • high quality services
  • experience in dealing with our clients' specific requirements
  • nonstop working hours/ round-the-clock service
  • reasonable prices
  • highly qualified and experienced personal
  • familiarity with the Czech and Slovak market
  • foreign experience

Contact us

Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o.

+420 518 355 930

Contact information

Contact information