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MINITRACMINITRAC - radiation-based sensor for density measurement. The instrument is suitable for aplications in liquids (muds, cement mixture, gravel pack liquids). MINITRAC is full flow equipment with density range 1000 - 2000 kg/m3 and pressure 35 MPa.


Mixing equipment

MichacicentrumMixing equipment is used for preparing and storing of gravel pack fluids. It contains also multistage filter unit, which allows filtration of prepared liquids up to 2 µm. Mixing tank capacity is 30 m3, storing tanks capacity is 60 m3.


New logging unit

mercedes02New logging unit was put into operation. The unit is built on Mercedes Actros chassis and it is used for measuring in open/cased holes.

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Universal pressure unit

agreg01vThe reconstruction of the universal pressure unit was finished. This unit can be used as a cementing unit or a blending unit for the gravel pack operations. A special plunger-membran unit is an integral part of the equipment that enables to carry out the absorb tests, slug test and others.



mfc02New logging method MFC (Multi Finger Calliper) expands the measurement capabilities of KaC. This equipment uses 56 mechanical arms for measuring. This high resolution equipment is essential for the assessment of technical conditions in the boreholes or wells.

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Modernized cementing unit

DSC 0010The cementing unit BJ was placed on a new chassis of TATRA 815.

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