HOTWELL, Austria

Logging jobs on UGS in Croatia


innogy Gas Storage, s.r.o.

Logging jobs and gravelpack jobs on UGS

NAFTA a.s., Slovakia

All services of KaC provided on exploration, oil and gas wells and UGS wells

MND Drilling & Services a.s.

Logging, drill stem testing, stimulation and gravelpack jobs

POZAGAS a.s., Slovakia

Production logging on UGS

LAMA GAS & OIL s.r.o.

Logging, perforating and cementing jobs

Ingeo a.s., Slovakia

Logging, cementing and stimulating jobs in geothermal wells

EXALO, Poland

Gravelpack and cementing jobs

ROTAQUA, Hungary

Cementing and stimulation jobs on geothermal wells

Unigeo a.s., Ostrava

Hydraulic fracturing jobs for coalbed methane (1994 - 1995)

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