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The company has not only built a steady position on the Czech market but also a good reputation with our clients during the years of our existence. Our splinter plant in Michalovce guarantees a good service all around the Slovak Republic.

Tradition and experience since 1947
Qualified team of experts
Top quality work
High operability
Drilling of boreholes by Baker Hughes

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Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o.

Velkomoravská 2606/83, 695 01 Hodonín

kac@karotaz.cz | +420 518 355 930

DIČ CZ49974475, IČ 49974475

Datová schránka: aczqs5c

Extract from the Commercial Register

Statutární orgán

Ing. Josef Halíř Ph.D.

Managing Director

Ing. Petra Horáková

Managing Director


NAFTA a.s.

100.00 %

Supervisory Board

Mgr. Jana Cinová

Member of the Supervisory Board

Ing. Jozef Levoča

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Over 70 years in the mining industry

The activities of the company Karotáže a cementace, s.r.o. have been inextricably linked to the development of the oil business since its inception.
  • 1

    Establishment of the company and gradual expansion of the service work provided.

  • 2

    Establishment of the base in Michalovce due to the scope of work in the east of Slovakia.

  • 3

    After the delimitation of the MND, s.p. plant, an independent company Karotáž a cementace, s.p. was established.

  • 4

    After privatisation, the company Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o. was established.

  • 4

    The company is undergoing extensive technical modernisation and restructuring.


We are located in the border town of Michalovce.

Michalovce Branch Plant

Telefon: +421 566 432 742

Ing. Jozef Tomečko | Branch Plant Manager

Telefon: +421 905 754 525

    Czech Republic

    We are located in the border town of Hodonín.
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      Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o.
      Managing Directors
      Ing. Josef Halíř, Ph.D.
      Ing. Josef Kučí
      Executive Director
      Ing. Petra Horáková
      Head of Economics and Finance
      Ing. Petra Horáková
      Head of Production and Sales
      Ing. Josef Halíř, Ph.D.
      Head of Logging and Perforationg
      Jan Šťastný
      Head of Cementing and Testing
      Ing. Mgr. Ladislav Kondek
      Head of Special Works and Transport
      Ing. Radek Šupa