By cementation is meant sealing off the annulus with cement slurry to prevent communication between the individualy drilled horizons and surface.

Cementation services

  • ementing of casing strings
  • cementing of insulation bridges
  • corrective high-pressure cementation
  • recovery of emergency situations in wells
  • disposal of the old boreholes

Cementation services are provided by special equipment – high pressure pump units,  cement bulk units, tanks, monitoring unit for measuring of pressure, density, flow and temperature.

KaC-06 (002)


We are located in the border town of Michalovce.

Michalovce Branch Plant

Telefon: +421 566 432 742

Ing. Jozef Tomečko | Branch Plant Manager

Telefon: +421 905 754 525

    Czech Republic

    We are located in the border town of Hodonín.
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      Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o.
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      Ing. Josef Halíř, Ph.D.
      Ing. Petra Horáková
      Executive Director
      Ing. Josef Halíř, Ph.D.
      Head of Economics and Finance
      Ing. Petra Horáková
      Head of Production and Sales
      Ing. Josef Halíř, Ph.D.
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      Jan Šťastný
      Head of Cementing and Testing
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      Head of Special Works and Transport
      Ing. Radek Šupa