Gravel pack operations

Gravel pack operations

Gravel pack equipment (screen and sand) prevents the progress of the free formation material into the production wells. It protects the well completion against plugging up and the abrasion. It is performed especially in the underground gas storage reservoirs but also in crude oil and hydro boreholes. The gravel pack operation is carried out in open hole or in the casing after milling off a part of a string casing. This causes the consequent broadening of the formation in concern to the required diameter. Our company offers full services, that means: projects, stainless steel screens of the required diameter, gravel pack fluids and all equipment needed for the wells’ assembly.

During the gravel pack operations we use the best quality material: stainless steel screens from Backer weld and Excluder 2000. The area around the filter is filled with clean Quartz sand in standard granularity according to API RP 58.

Schéma naplaveného protipískového filtru v sondě 2


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