Logging measurement is a set of geophysical methods used to establish physical properties of rocks and to determine a technical condition of the borehole. The data evaluations can establish: porosity, density, saturation by water or hydrocarbons, boundary of clay and sand horizons, temperature gradient and technical data of the borehole – diameter, deviation, azimuth, quality of the casing – cement contact.


Logging measurements in opened and closed boreholes

Logging measurement is taken with the aid of logging units – Mercedes Actros, CLS3700 and EL 8000, these are equipped with the well logging system Warrior, and a set of the deep tools – ACE 5000.

These sets are equipped with the 7 wire line cable with the length of 5000 m and with the possibility to affix an additional 1500 m long thermostatic cable extension. The tools can be used for logging measurements up to the maximal temperature of 175°C and the pressure of 140 MPa.

The recorded data are transferred to analog and digital form. The set of logging methods can be divided into these: technical, electrical, radioactive and acoustical:


gamma ray log - GK

compensated neutron log - CN, DDN

compensated density log - CDN


inclinometer - IM

calliper - KM, MFC

casing collar locator - CCL

temperature - TM


compensated acoustig log - AK

cementolog - AC

segmented cementolog - RIB

acoustic televiewer - AT


spontaneous polarization - SP

dual laterolog - DLL

microlaterolog - MLL

micro spherical focused log - MSFL

microlog - ML

rezistivity measurement - RM

dual induction focused log - DIFL

Logging production measurement (under pressure)

The production measurement is used to observe a technical condition in the underground gas storage wells, their air tightness , to define water – crude – gas boundry. Further it is used to observe pressure and temperature conditions in the well, to check active parts of gravel packs or formations and to define the quality of the gravel pack.

The production measurement is performed by logging units Hotwell and Geocom. These units are equipped with a single 2500 m long wire line cable. Tools with 38 to 43 mm diameter are lowered into the well with the help of a logging cable with the diameter of 3,15 mm. The cable sealing is ensured with the lubrication head equipped with the trap and the preventer. The unit has its own power station and jack equipment to handle the lubrication head.

With production logging unit we are able to make following measurements:

• temperature - TM

• dual detector neutron - DDN

• gamma gamma log - GGK

• gamma ray log - GK

• casing collar locator - CCL

• flowmeter - FM

• pressure log - PM

• capacitance log - FDI

The production measurement is able to withstand the maximal temperature of 175°C and the pressure of 103 MPa.



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