Intensification is a method used to increase the inflow of the borehole formation into the crude oil, gas and hydrothermal wells. It extends the economic lifespan of the wells and in comparison to the investment necessary for constructing new wells. The method of intensification has its obvious financial benefits.
Besides the traditional intensification operations in the well production our firm also specializes in increasing the ready power of the wells in the underground gas storages. During intensification work we use our own equipment protected by patent as well as modern technological methods.
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Stimulation by chemical methods
Technical conditions
  • instant pump volume: 20 l/s
  • maximal pressure: 70 MPa/h6>
  • storage capacity: 50 000 l
The stimulation jobs are carried out on the basis of inhibited chemical solutions with the aim to increase the permeability of horizons, to clean the areas of perforation and the bottom zone. The stimulation liquids are prepared on the basis of rock material analysis according to their specific requirements . The stimulation liquids are an indivisible part of these operations.
Stimulation by hydraulic fracturing
Technical conditions
  • hydraulic output: 2 000 HHP
  • maximal power: 2,5 tones/min
  • delivery of propant: is unlimited
  • maximal pressure: 35 MPa
The Karotáž a Cementace, Ltd. company in Hodonín carries out hydraulic fracturing in wells up to the maximal depth of 2 500 m. It provides pumping equipment, assembly of the wells (both above and underground), carrying and fracturing liquids and propant with granulation as requested by a client. As propant we use clean quartz sand according to the API.
In the field of carrying and fracturing fluids our company works on the basis of:
  • water
  • slick water
  • crosslink gel
  • linear gel
  • acid gel


We are located in the border town of Michalovce.

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    Czech Republic

    We are located in the border town of Hodonín.
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